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Blast from the past: Looking back to early 2012 at Circa News 1.0 pre-launch

I was rummaging around in some old files today when I came across the original pitch decks for Circa. One in particular was a trip down memory lane: the deck that we put together showing how the app worked for our investors. The deck was dated July 2012, and it would precede our launch by […]

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Starting something is hard

I read the title “Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk — they come from families with money” and just about threw up in my mouth. It was meant to rile the reader up — the typicial link-bait bullshit headline that draws one in: By now, this piece on already cash-wealthy entrepreneurs has been […]

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The right way to ask users to review your app: How Circa News got 90% 5-star ratings

tl;dr: 1) Build a great app, 2) Don’t annoy your users, 3) Ask nicely, don’t beg