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The right way to ask users to review your app: How Circa News got 90% 5-star ratings

tl;dr: 1) Build a great app, 2) Don’t annoy your users, 3) Ask nicely, don’t beg

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Email is a constant: Why I turned off email notifications

A little while back, I realized just how often my iPhone’s lock screen was lighting up for email alone. It would go something like this: Marketing email! Non-urgent work email! LinkedIn request! Millions of dollars from a prince in the UAE! It never stopped. Ever. It was a continuous flash of typically unactionable information that […]

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Developers need referral tracking for apps

The top app marketplaces lack any ability for a developer to know exactly where their downloads are coming from — an incredibly important metric. First, I should provide a bit of context: I’m the CEO and co-founder of Circa, a company whose primary product is a mobile news application which can be downloaded from both […]

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How I work: Staying on the offense with email

With the use of a handful of helpful tools and techniques, I’m able to ensure that no email can slip through the cracks. Email is awful. It’s a beast of a technology that’s thirty years old and definitely doesn’t conform to most of how the world operates today. But no matter how much we decry its […]