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A Twitter poll, turned tribute to our fathers and the careers that put food on our family’s tables

Later in the evening of Father’s Day, I was thinking about my dad (pictured above) and his not-too-common job of being a coal miner in Illinois. He’s been working in that mine since before I was born (I turn 30 in a month), and will be there for a little while longer before he retires. Despite the backbreaking labor, incredible risks, and long hours, he’s been there this whole time to provide for my family. This got me thinking about how so many of our fathers are unsung heroes, and sparked a desire to know what everyone else’s dads did for their jobs.

So I sent a tweet, and started a hashtag

For the next few hours the tweets rolled in and each one, I retweeted. 86 responses in total! It was so fascinating to see how many different kinds of careers our dads had, and in so many cases how lucky we were to be their kids. So rather than let this fun little moment on Twitter go by the way of a flutter, I thought it best to catalog the responses. Check them out below. There are some fantastic ones in there.

Thanks, dads

And the response from Alabama Power to @espiers tweet!:

And there it is! Here’s to our dads…


By Matt Galligan

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