Shortcut: Dial Into Meeting

What it does ????

Dials into the next meeting on your calendar. It’s especially helpful if you configure Siri to launch this shortcut. I like to just say “Dial in.”

Why I built it ????

It’s so annoying to have to open your calendar, look for a meeting, open it, hunt for the phone number and then hope you picked the right number to dial. This streamlines that whole flow.

How it works ⚙️

  • Looks at your calendar for the next 3 events from the last 15 minutes to the next hour (each of these values is configurable)
  • If there’s multiple events, you can pick which one you want to dial into
  • For the event you chose, the shortcut looks within the Title, Location, and Notes fields for a phone number
  • If multiple numbers are found, you are prompted to choose which one
  • Otherwise, it dials the number
Dial Into Meeting

Get the Shortcut

Scan ???? or click ???? to get the shortcut