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Without batching, Medium’s notifications are seriously overwhelming

*ping* Ev Williams This morning I logged into Medium to read some stuff and was greeted by a bright green indicator in the top right, shouting “80.” Now I love the dopamine rush as much as the next person, but after clicking on that I was completely overwhelmed. Each individual line-item was basically saying the […]

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Battery life, load times, and actually giving a shit about your customers

Update: according to TechCrunch it looks like Facebook may be working on a fix for this! We have heard reports of some people experiencing battery issues with our iOS app. We’re looking into this and hope to have a fix in place soon. — Facebook Spokesman These screenshots should speak for themselves, but just to […]

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Where the hell did that thing go? Tips for organizing things on your desktop

A little Dropbox trick for making sure I never misplace an orphan file Most of us now have at least two computing devices that we use on a regular basis. For some it’s their laptop and mobile phone. For others like me it’s my iMac, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. They all have their purpose and are […]

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Slack is amazing, but will its success destroy any semblance of work/life balance we have left?

Thinking through remedies for the always-on, always-communicating world. About the author:Hi. I’m Matt Galligan, aproduct design & strategy consultant that previously co-founded three startups: Circa, SimpleGeo, and Socialthing. Author’s Note: This post is now out of date. About five months after I wrote this Slack introduced a Do Not Disturb feature that is in many […]

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Starting something is hard

I read the title “Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk — they come from families with money” and just about threw up in my mouth. It was meant to rile the reader up — the typicial link-bait bullshit headline that draws one in: By now, this piece on already cash-wealthy entrepreneurs has been […]


Today is 31

As the title would indicate, today I turn 31 years old. Not a milestone birthday but an important one to me. This will be the year of exploration for me. It’s a nervous excitement that I feel, but an excitement nonetheless. The last eight years have been an unbelievable whirlwind, doing pretty much nothing but […]

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Rediscovering some of the old songs I used to play often by creating a smart playlist.

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There’s a chat for that: Apple’s biggest platform opportunity yet

Update: In the years since I made this post, Apple has since launched Business Chat. While it’s not all that I had outlined in this post, it gets at some of the core thoughts: we don’t need an app for everything. I’m excited to see where Apple takes Business Chat from here. There’s already been […]

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Sorry publishers, the revolution will not be read about inside of your walls

As someone that’s been in the business of news for a while now, I thought I’d give my quick gut-check on Apple’s new News app and some industry trends. When we launched Circa nearly three years ago much of how we thought about news at the time was that it was a commodity and it would […]

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The power of a song

Last Saturday morning I woke to a nagging alarm and a clock that said “4:00am.” So as to not disrupt my work schedule, I went for the flights that took off at hours that only masochists choose. Thus would start an 8 hour journey to Miami, Florida to see just one musical performance by one […]